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How to stop feeling insecure, every time you log onto Instagram

Going analogue, whilst, ironically 'doing it for the gram'
Social media takes up a LOT of space in my life... From my job in social media marketing, to my side hustle on YouTube and Instagram, plus in general being one of those darn 'plugged in millennials,' permanently glued to my phone, I'd hate to see a percentage of how much time a week I spend scrolling. Lets just say, it wouldn't be pretty. 

As a marketeer, small time blogger/vlogger/instagrammer (and all the other important social media 'ers') I'm a total convert to the digital way of life and a big advocate for using social media. But in the past couple of months I've noticed a direct correlation between my mental health and wellbeing and the types of content I'm consuming online. Just liked a 'gram of a fitness bloggers 4 month fitness update? You can BET I'll be mentally punishing myself a few hours later for agreeing to get a burger for lunch with the team... This mindset, coupled with that recent viral tweet featuring a well known Instagram influencer, led me to creating the video below, detailing my top tips for 'how to stop feeling sad, every time you log onto Instagram.' Or any social platform which isn't giving you those feel good vibes. 

One of my biggest tips is to 'curate a feel good feed.' A feed which makes you feel good about yourself, or inspires you, or makes you laugh or whatever you look for from your personal, digital world. To help you take on the great follow purge, I've popped a list of A star 'grammers and why I love them and their content, so. Damn. Much. Give them a follow, you WON'T regret it. 
Grace Mandeville
Grace is a presenter, actress, YouTuber and, most recently, a podcaster too. She's a gal with many a string to her bow, talent to boot but never takes herself too seriously on social media. She's funny and beautiful and don't even get me started on her incredible style. We'd be here for weeks.

Alex Michael May
Body-posi babe and all round legend. She's a writer, speaker and creative director and OMG CAN I BORROW HER WHOLE WARDROBE? She shares everything from fashion to travel, beauty and fitness and gives great Instagram tips too.

Cash Carraway

A writer, spoken word genius and a working class mother, and DEFINITELY not a Tory, Cash Carraway is my new favourite person, perhaps second only to her cat, Diane Abbott. Check out her account, or alternatively her play Refuge Woman.


2 words, all the convincing you should need: 'feminist memes.' Thank you and goodnight.

Laura Jane Williams

Laura could be talking about anything, and I'd be listening. She's the author of my favourite memoir (Becoming), op-eds and is an all round good internet egg. She shares her honest and raw moments on the platform, alongside day to day life, style, work, and beautiful interiors.

Mona Chalabi

By day the US Guardian Data Editor, by night TMI queen of IG. Mona shares date from a variety of eye opening or just generally interesting topics through beautiful visual graphs, pie charts and more. Informative, innovative, engaging.

Aminatou Sow
Business woman, feminist, co-host of my fave podcast (Call Your Girlfriend - a podcast for long distance besties) and funny lady, Aminatou's feed is full of fun and sass and stellar outfits. She's recently kicked cancers ASS and came out the other side asking how she could help others. The answer? A blood drive to give back to the blood banks who helped her, in collaboration with her bestie Ann Friedman. Awesome.

Bonus Round: Celebface. This account is private, but gives you an unbarred look at how famous faces have edited their paparazzi shots in Photoshop and Facetune, before uploading them onto their Instagram accounts. Turns out even Kim K, J-Lo and Rita Ora have insecurities too. It's sad to see so many beautiful women editing their 'flaws' but it's helped my mindset to know that Instagram isn't a mirror for reality.

Thanks for reading pals, and don't forget to drop a like and comment on the video above. I want to know YOUR fave IG accounts.

Amy x
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