Friday, 9 December 2016

Event: Hogwarts in The Snow Press Event

On 24th November, I was invited by Warner Brothers to attend the press night for their Christmas event- 'Hogwarts in The Snow,' The event runs from November until January and sees the Warner Brother's Studio Tours- 'The Making of Harry Potter' transform for Christmas and display all the Christmas props from the Harry Potter films with fake snow falling in the outside lots (where the Knight Bus and Privet Drive live!) and added snow and Christmas special effects being explained by the crew members,

 I was lucky enough to not only get an invite, but be given a plus one, which gave me the chance to not only bring my Mum along to a press event but also take her to The Making of Harry Potter for the first time. The most magical experience for any HP fans. We also met Brogan at the event and had a lot of fun, drinking butterbeer, froliking in the fake snow and flying on green screen broomsticks (watching quidditch will never be the same again).

Everything at The Making Of Harry Potter is coordinated for the perfect wizarding experience and no tiny detail is missed out. You can see all the real sets from the films and the costumes and props and pound the cobbles of the great hall, just like the best of them. It's an incredibly immersive experience and arguably even more so than The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the states, even though you are seeing 'behind the scenes.' It's magical to see all the work that was put into pleasing the fans and doing the books justice. 

We learnt how the crew made the snow in many of the famous film scenes, in particular the one with Harry and his invisibility cloak and the thought that went into creating invisible Harry's footprints appearing! 

My favourite part was, as ever, seeing the giant scale model of Hogwarts at the end of the tour. It's beauty and size never fail to get the tear ducts moistening and seeing it dressed up in a snowy blanket was the icing on the Christmas cake. We were told it took the team a full four days to powder the model with fake snow for the event, but it was well worth the effort they went to.

Hogwarts in The Snow is well worth a visit for any Harry Potter fans and I'd recommend moving fast if you want to grab tickets before they sell out. The tour would also make the perfect present for any Hazza P fans you may know in your life. You will get all the present brownie points and good Christmas karma. Trust me.

I'd also like to mention that my Vlog of the event will be coming to my YouTube channel very soon, along with a HUGE unboxing of the goody bag we were given at the event. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for that! 

A huge thank you to Warner Bros for my invite and for the best festive evening ever. Potterhead for LIFE.

Amy x
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