Thursday, 28 April 2016

Food: #Yummertime Graze Box

Hello, faithful readers, long time no blog, and for that, I'm sorry. The fact I demolished this entire Graze Box in one sitting, however, is something I am not sorry for. 

As one of Graze's ambassadors and long time fangirl of the brand, I'm well versed to say that Graze will revolutionise the way you snack and will never stop surprising you with their tantalising new treats. As a brand, I admire their consistency, their image and their work ethic. As a consumer, I can't wait to rip off the packaging of the next treat in my box. Right. Now. It is for these reasons that I was so excited to share with you, Graze's new promotional packs, deemed the '#yummertime' boxes.
Along with Summery inspired snacks, such as 'Yummertime Punch' (a mix of goldenberries, pinapple and coconut) Graze is giving you the chance to upgrade your Summer experience with a whole host of prizes (some of which you can see in this post!) The prizes are as follows: polaroid cameras, pretzel pool floats, umbrellas and beach towels, because you can never be too careful when it comes to the British summertime. To enter to win, all you have to do is post a selfie with your props received in promotional Graze packs, hashtag '#yummertime' and tag Graze (@GrazeDotCom) on Twitter or Instagram. Or, you can enter by sharing a picture of 'the first signs of Summer' and share in the same way. Although, you may be hard pushed to find signs of Summer in the UK at the moment!

Along with a Graze Box including 'Yummertime Punch,' Energising Almond, Carrot and Apple,'Banana Protein Flapjacks' (my fave!) and 'Natural Energy Nuts' I also recieved a box of Yummertime goodies including a pretzel pool float, cocktail sticks for Summer cocktails, a strawberry umbrella, a selfie stick, photo lenses for my phone camera and Summery nail art stickers! I'm super excited to instagram some cliched (and yet fabulous) pool float photos this Summer, and if you'd like to join the fun, just share you selfie, exactly as I did below!

A massive thank you to Graze for the goodies and for always keeping my tummy happy and my brain energised! You can follow Graze on Twitter, here, or Instagram, here, and sign up on their website to receive your own box. 

Thank you for reading and for sticking by me during the silence!

Amy x
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