Monday, 11 January 2016

Personal: New Year, New Blog

In 2015 I fell out of love with blogging. I didn't know what 'The Camera's Lying' was anymore. Was it a fashion blog? A beauty blog? A lifestyle blog? I felt the need to put myself and my content in a convenient little box that would make it easy when someone asked 'what do you write about?' Or, Bloglovin' asked me to choose a genre to embed myself in. Other bloggers seemed to just know who they were and what their blogs should be, whilst I was haphazardly floundering around in the deep end, confused and minus a rubber ring to keep me afloat a sea of content.

2015 was the year my YouTube channel became my primary focus. I didn't feel a need to stick to one type of video, or limit my creativity there. Speaking directly to a camera gave me a sense of connecting with my audience in a way that transcended words and static, posed, blog shots. I felt like the subscribers, those little numbers on my screen, were real people who were there for the real me, unencumbered and uncensored. 
But writing was what began this whole crazy journey. After all, it all started, 4 and a half years ago, because I had an overwhelming need to write, to put down my thoughts and clear some much needed space in my head. I always have, and always will, love writing. 2016 is the year I relaunch this blog, and fall in love with blogging, all over again. But this time, I'm doing it right. 

So goodbye 'The Camera's Lying,' you were a bit 2011, a bit too awkward, 17 year old Amy for my tastes anyway. Hello to 'HeyAmyJane.' A fresh start and a new outlook. If I like it, I'll write about it. That's it. No need to explain myself. No need for 'I hope you don't mind me posting this but....' No category guilt. Just me, my thoughts and my camera. So as cheesy as 'New Year, New Me' is, I'm saying it anyway and this year, I'm meaning it too. 
I hope you enjoy the new direction this little website is taking, and I hope you had a fabulous festive period. If you'd like to see what I've been up to over the past *ahem* several months I've been absent here, well, you can find out on my YouTube channel and of course, all my social media profiles.

For now, farewell.
Amy x 
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