Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Beauty: Panasonic ES-WH80 IPL Hair Removal System Review

For me, body hair below my eyebrows is not something I actively encourage. I personally prefer a smooth look on myself and I am *that* friend that will get you to stroke my legs after a close, nick-free shave, with a smug look plastered on my face. But the act of removing hair, is another matter. Since I first picked up a razor in high school and emerged from the bathroom 30 minutes later with tiny bits of toilet paper covering all the cuts, I've been searching for an easier way to remain hair free. Waxing is tricky when attempted at home, but an all too regular expense when left to the pros... Epilators are too painful for me and I found I managed a square centimetre before giving in and slavering myself in aloe vera, and let's be honest, anyone who says they've managed a mess free hair removal cream application is straight up lying. Then, in enters the at home laser hair removal system. *Cue chorus of Angels *

Luckily for me, Panasonic got in touch and asked if I'd like to review their new hair removal system- the ES-WH80 IPL which aims to prevent the regrowth of unwanted hair on your legs, arms, armpits and bikini area. (Although it should be noted it's not for use on your face) The IPL is a powerful, cordless, handheld device which emits light into the skin, preventing regrowth. It works on a range of skin types, but it works best on lighter skin, with dark hair- perfect for me!
It comes with a charger and took about an hour to reach full charge (and lasts up to 600 flashes before it will need a re-boost). It's easy to hold and whilst slightly weighty, the cordless aspect means you can reach all desired areas easily and use the device whilst on the couch, watching Netflix. To use it you simply hold the power button for 3 seconds, and press the device to the are you wish to treat. Once a flash has emitted, move the device to the next area and repeat! Panasonic recommend you use the device once every 2 weeks for the first 2 months, after which you can increase the frequency of use, slowly.

My experience with the device has been overwhelmingly positive. As a bit of a pain wimp, I was worried about the feeling using the device would cause but it's just a warming sensation on your skin, which intensifies with the power levels. I also haven't noticed any sensitivity on my skin after using the device, although if you have problem skin, perhaps proceed with caution. I've been using the device for several weeks now and have noticed that the regrowth of my hair is much thinner, lighter and patchier. I can definitely see the difference and it's a relief not to have to worry about shaving every few days. I'm excited to see what results more use bring about. The Panasonic IPL retails for £349.99 and can be bought here.

Happy hair removal!
Amy x
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