Sunday, 20 September 2015

Event: Whittard Chelsea Tea Tasting at The Tea Bar

On Wednesday 16th September, I was invited, along with my friend, (and resident photographer for the day) Steph, to a bespoke tea tasting in The Whittard Tea Bar with their resident tea expert, Kate. The Tea Bar is located just off Piccadilly Circus and as well as a bar, selling tea and cake, they have a shop where you can pick up all your teas and tea time essentials. It's basically an Instagrammers dream.

Whittard of Chelsea have just overhauled their 'tea menu' and lunched a collection called 'The Century of Teas' which includes a 100 teas (over 50 of these are new!). We were invited along to taste the core collection and learn more about tea- where it comes from and how to make the perfect cuppa- the professional way *sassy hair toss.*
Necklace & Dress both Primark
Long time blog readers, or followers of my instagram, won't have failed to miss my love of tea, so I jumped at the chance to come along to this event. We were seated at a little table, near to the selection of delicious cakes, baked by Whittard's in house baker (we tried them and it's my professional opinion that they are bloomin' great) and treated to an hour of tea tasting goodness.

Kate knows more about tea than anyone I've ever met, and taught us that water should never be boiling, but rather 75 degrees celsius so as to not burn the tea leaves, this is the same reason as to why you shouldn't brew your tea for over 3 minutes as it burns the leaves if they stay hot water too long, and totally changes the taste! You learn something new everyday. Kate also taught us that although for tea to truly be classified as 'tea' it's leaves must come from  the Camellia Sinensis plant, but the different varieties (or, variaTEAS, geddit?) of tea are changed by the region the plant as grown in, the time of year it is picked and how it is processed. Of course you can also get different 'blends' of which Whittard has many to it's name.
I had a fabulous time sipping on expertly brewed tea, and learn about the different types of tea, all whilst watching the table pile up with a wide, beautiful range of dried leaves and brewed tea samples. By the end of our session, the room was filled with delicious aromas and the table laid with an incredible rainbow of tea leaves- my heaven. 

The cakes, which were baked in store by the resident chef were the perfect accompaniment to the teas and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with new high standards of how I take my tea. That'll be loose leaf, boiled to 75 degrees celsius and brewed for exactly 3 minutes please and thank you!
Goody bag c/o Whittard
Whittard very kindly gave us goody bags to take away, which included a gorgeous silver, woven tea strainer, a tea cup and saucer and more tea than I can fathom. My favourite blends so far are the 'Regal Blend' and the 'Tippy Assam.' Thank you to Whittard for inviting me along and treating me to these goodies. Stay tuned for my weekly vlog, which will go live on my YouTube channel on Monday, to see more of the tea tasting.

Whether you're a tea lover, or know someone in your life who is- a trip to Whittard's Tea Bar is definitely in order, it would make the perfect gift, or even a date (be that a friend date, or a romantic date) as there is absolutely nothing better than good company and conversation of a fine cup of tea.

Amy Jane x
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