Monday, 30 March 2015

Travel: Visiting Bath with Citroën C4 Cactus

A few weeks ago, Citroën got in contact with me, asking if I would like a chance to take the Citroën C4 Cactus on a weekend break, anywhere of my choosing, outside of London. I jumped at the chance, as it meant I would be able to visit a city I'd never seen before, whilst also bringing my Mum along for the ride, and giving her a well deserved break! Citroën are also giving you the chance to win a similar weekend getaway with the C4, so stayed tuned till the end of this post to find out how to enter. 

My Mum and I chose Bath to visit, as I heard great things about it, and the lovely Megan had given me a lot of suggestions of things to see and places to visit, whilst we were there. So, with the playlist sorted (my Ipod plugged easily into one of the two USB ports in the C4) and both our names on the insurance, we set out on the drive, determined to make the most of the C4. The car is stylish and incredibly comfortable and my Mum and I had a fabulous time playing around with the gadgets such as the touch screen control panel, which controlled everything from the heating to the music and the GPS, to trying out the cruise control settings. 
Our ride for the weekend, outside our lovely hotel
Above, you can see photos outside the hotel we stayed in -Bailbrook House- including a photo of my Mum and I together. Whilst large, the hotel we stayed in was lovely and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner there before spending a very comfortable night in our room.

We were only in Bath for two days, so we had a jam packed schedule of things we wanted to do and places to see! Fortunately, with the weather bright and sunny and the car at our disposal, we headed into Bath city centre with ease and excitement.
Bath Cathedral
Pulteney Bridge
The Royal Crescent
On the first day we toured the vintage and antique shops Bath had to offer, which we came away from with a pair of earrings for Mum and an antique teacup for me... Oops! Bath has a huge range of shops, but by far my favourites were the antique shops and of course, the tea shops. We had been tipped off by Megan that Bea's Vintage Tearooms was the best place for a refuel and afternoon tea, which both my Mum and I are big fans of. Those of you who follow my Instagram account (HeyAmyJane) will have seen the beautiful cake stand adorned with cakes, scones and finger sandwiches we enjoyed there. 

We saw the gorgeous Royal Crescent, the incredible views of the Pulteney Bridge and were wowed by Baths over all aesthetic. It provided the perfect backdrop for 'OOTDs' (which will be appearing soon on here) and many Instagram posts. With the help of the C4 we crammed a weeks worth of activities into two days, enjoying cocktails in Bath's 'Opium' bar (a cute, underground vintage establishment), seeing all the sites and taking in the culture. We both loved Bath and had a fabulous weekend.
If you'd like to enter to win a weekend break with Citroën C4 Cactus, head to their new website (link) and submit your 'weekend wish,' mine was 'to give my Mum a weekend break in a new city.' Alternatively, you can tweet your weekend wish using the hashtag '#LoveC4Cactus.'

Amy x
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