Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Personal: Goodbye 2014

Both in 2012 and 2013, I rounded off my year by doing what I do best, spilling my guts about it on the internet. So that's what this post is going to be. This is perhaps for my benefit as much as it is for yours. I like to entertain the idea when I'm old, I'll read back through my blog and reminisce on the 'good times.' But then I said that about my old Bebo page too..
Personal Life
Asides from drinking copious amounts of tea and consuming tv shows on Netflix like they were oxygen, I achieved quite a bit in 2014. I passed my second year at University, with a 2.1 no less, and I wasn't the only one surprised by this result. I moved out once and attempted to move in no less than three times to my current residence (third times a charm). I had not one, but three total meltdowns. We are talking earth shattering screams, £200 last minute flights, trashing my room and gorging on pizza meltdowns. It wasn't pretty, but I'm as tough as old boots, and I'm still here. I partook in the 'Happy- We Are From Brighton,' props if you spot me, dancing in an Alice In Wonderland dress.

Travelling Life
I played ultimate frisbee in Ireland and Italy (even if the latter was only for a day), and visited the north of the UK for the first time- stopping in Newcastle and Harrogate. I cruised around the Aegean Sea (here, here and here), experiencing the white roofs of Santorini, visiting Turkey and being wowed by Istanbul, visiting a harem and of course, falling down the stairs of the amphitheatre in Ephesus. I fell in love with Amsterdam and experienced everything it had to offer, from the nightlife, to the canals, the museums and gallerys, the infamous cafes and red light district and even visiting a peep show- cheeky! Oh, and I nearly made it to the USA, but we won't talk about that...

Blogging Life
The Camera's Lying surpassed 2000 on bloglovin and GFC combined. It was nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award and saw me write a total of 129 blog posts, including this one, makes it a nice, round 130, and believe me, that's a lot of hours... I used 4 different cameras to take my blog photos, and utilised long suffering house-mates, parents and siblings to help photograph outfits. I got to experience being driven around Silverstone Race Course by a professional female racer with Benefit. I visited London's first cat cafe and took my Mum to her first blogging event. Oh, and I met Fearne Cotton, no biggy.

YouTube Life
YouTube took off this year and saw me go from a beauty vlogger to a more general (and much happier) internet personality. I released my first cover videos.  I went to Summer In The City and signed with Premier. This saw me go to not one, but two Premieres (and world premieres, no less!) I attended a Candy Crush launch party, and so much fun. I've met amazing people through YouTube this year, and I couln't be more grateful.

So here's to 2014 and to the back of it, lets smash 2015 together. Page 365 of 365.

Amy x
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