Monday, 6 October 2014

Moroccanoil: Inspired By Women™

In the female based industry that is the fashion and beauty scene, women are rarely put up on a pedestal and focused on, for themselves, for their charity, for there good work rather than simply what they are wearing. When Moroccanoil got in contact with me about their new 'Inspired By Women' campaign, I was excited- one of my favourite brands taking a stand and celebrating the women behind just their cosmetics and fashion, they were already onto a winner.

Moroccanoil and the campaign feature 6 inspiring women with Rosie Huntington- Whiteley as the figurehead of the campaign and aim to empower women all around the world. At its core, the campaign features a short film series shot and directed by industry heavy weights. Each film shows a different inspiring woman (all pictured above) and details their story from the moment they had a game changing idea, to putting that idea into play and changing lives. I highly recommend you check out the videos, they are beautifully shot and feature some incredible women. 
Moroccanoil sent me a few products to try out, a Shampoo and Conditioner from their 'Hydration' range, a Mousse to add volume and, finally, a hand cream. I may not have had my inspiring, life changing idea yet, but at least I am ready to face the day with good hair! Since using the products my bleached, dyed hair has been very grateful to me, drinking up the hydration with gusto. Moroccanoil is a brand I will always trust and go back to, time after time and I highly recommend you checking them out. 

Amy x
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