Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Style Fruits Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers Top Trumps 2014

 Its not often one gets to say- 'hey I'm a Top Trump card!' So, when Style Fruits contacted me asking if I would like to be a part of their 'Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers Top Trumps' 2014 pack, I immediately jumped at the chance. They asked me some blogging and quintessentially British questions such as number of umbrella's owned and blog age for the card questions. I took the job seriously, answering honestly and I don't think my card is one of the 'dud' cards that you know you will lose, every time with- haha! 
Unfortunately the 'Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers Top Trumps' aren't available to buy, but you can download a PDF and print out a set for you to play with, here.You can also apply to be apart of next years deck, on the Style Fruits website. Thank you to Style Fruits for including me and sending me a couple of packs, I've dished them out to all the parents and Grandparents!

Amy x
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