Thursday, 3 July 2014

Review: Free From Frizz 6 Week Blow Out Treatment

I recently received this Free From Frizz Normal/Fine Hair kit, which comprised of a shampoo and conditioner and the 6 Week Blowout Kit, claiming to leave your hair frizz free for 6 weeks- big claims! I have fine hair, which is prone to going static, frizzy and fluffy in the heat, rain and humid conditions, so I was keen to try out the kit straight away and applied it almost as soon as it popped through my door.
The Blowout kit comes in a packet, similar to a hair dye. You use a pre-treatment shampoo on your hair, before applying the treatment to you hair (I did this in sections) and leaving it for 30 to 40 minutes. As someone whos a seasoned packet dye pro, I was used to kits like this, with a bottle and nozzle applicator and glove to help massage the product into the hair. I found it super easy to apply and once I'd massaged the product in, it didn't drip either, meaning I could sit comfortably in my living room whilst the product set. I left mine for 40 mins and then blow dried my hair. I have to admit at this stage, leaving the stuff in your hair is not a pleasant experience as it has an extremely pungent, eggy scent which my family all moaned about! The next step involves setting the treatment with heat, going over each section of hair 6 times with a straighter. The instructions suggested I leave my hair ever so slightly damp for the straightening, which worried me as I am very concious about damaging my hair. 

After straightening my hair felt thick and coarse, looked greasy and still smelt horrible, so I felt disheartened when I heard you had to leave you hair down and unwashed for 48 hours to let the treatment set. As soon as my 48 hours was up, I washed my hair with the watermelon shampoo and conditioner (thoroughly) which I'm pleased to report smell delicious! My hair immediately looked shinier, frizz free and didn't even protest when I brushed it with my paddle brush. 

For the next two weeks I enjoyed frizz free, silky locks (which now smelt of watermelon, fortunately!) I find my hair doesn't get as knotty and I'm enjoying my new, sleek look. The one downside is, that it left my ends feeling very dry- as to whether that was a product of the straightening or the product itself I don't know. I love that my hair is so smooth and silky (we are now on week four and although I'm getting more fly away hairs, on the whole my hair still looks frizz free) but I am paying the price on my damaged ends!

For £14.99 I definitely recommend this kit for people with frizzy hair, however if you hair is already damaged or brittle, I'd suggest treading carefully when it comes to putting all the heat on your hair, that this treatment requires.

Amy x
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