Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen VS. Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Benefit announced their revolutionary gel eyeliner pen a while back and said they would release it to the public in June. (Available now) However, before they had the chance to release it, Maybelline pulled a sneaky and released a similar product BEFORE Benefit's had hit the shelves. Genius or naughty? You decide. I was sent the Benefit Gel Eyeliner, but went out to purchase the Maybelline version as I wanted to bring you a 100% honest, impartial comparison of the two. After a few weeks of vigorous testing, the results are in... 
In terms of colour, the are both very matte, jet blacks. Equal in pigmentation when swatched both on the skin and white paper. On first look, their packaging appears similar too, black pen like tubes, with rubber tips and a twist mechanism at the bottom which dispenses product. This is where Benefit pulls ahead of Maybelline, the cubic, tapered design is far easier to hold than the cylindrical tube maybelline has. The Benefit version also dispenses a nicer amount of product, as I found the Maybelline one released product in a delayed manner, leaving me over twisting and having a large amount of gel spurt out at once. In terms of ease of application I found them very similar. Both incredibly easy, hugging the lash line and super for creating even flicks. The Maybelline nib is slightly thinner making it easier to go for a really subdued, natural look, if you so wish.

In terms of staying power they both last a fairly long time, fading with wear, rather than cracking (I hate how liquid eyeliner does that!) However, I suffer with oily lids and found the Maybelline product transferred, horribly. The Benefit version on the other hand lasts all day without transferring and I would even go so far as to say its a bit of a pain to get off- its THAT waterproof. At £8.99 the Maybelline eyeliner pen is a fraction of the Benefit They're Real's £18.50, however I find myself reaching for the Benefit one, over the Maybelline version, daily. Whilst I think the Maybelline is a reasonable dupe, for the price- the Benefit version really takes the biscuit and I know I will be repurchasing once mine runs out. 

Amy x
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