Friday, 25 July 2014

Beauty: FaceB4 Blogger Skin Clinic

A while back, the lovely girls at Media Hubb asked me if I would be up for taking the FaceB4  Blogger Skin Clinic. A months worth of FaceB4 products to be used everyday with regular photo updates to track my progress. You can see my 'before' photo, here. I have always had fairly calm skin, but before I started I had a few spots on my forehead and an oily t zone. Mid way through my month, just shy of two weeks in, I filmed my 'Night Time Routine' video, which you can watch here. I still have a fair few break outs, but they are more controlled and on the surface (none of those nasty lurkers under the skin!) Towards the end of week three, I filmed this video, wearing only a light BB cream. My break ups are cleared up and aside from a slight oily t zone, and I feel much more confident wearing no makeup.
I used the Combined Cleanser and Toner after removing my makeup at night and before application in the morning. Its a foamy, texture which feels quite drying on the skin. regardless of this, my skin feels clean and fresh and provided you follow up with the Anti-Bacterial Serum, not dry. The serum is a lovely light texture which sinks in straight away and provides the perfect base for makeup to sit on.
And finally, above is my 'after' photo, taken in natural light, makeup free. My skin is softer, and I have less break outs since using the treatments. Its so quick and simple to incorporate the two step product into your routine and some times I found the serum hydration enough, without my daily moisturiser on top, so if you are worried about adding steps to your skincare routine, don't be! 

You can buy SkinB4 treatments online or at Superdrug. The serum costs £9.99 and the face wash £14.99. I believe this price point to be affordable and great value for money.

Finally I wanted to say that I have been shortlisted in two categories for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014. I'm completely astounded and so grateful to each and everyone of you that nominated me! If you'd like to vote for me, you can vote for my blog (The Camera's Lying) under 'Best Established Fashion Blog' and my youtube channel (TheCameraLiesBeauty) under 'Best VLOG.' You can vote here!

Amy x
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