Thursday, 1 May 2014

Motel Rocks #MotelFestival

If anyone knows how to throw a party, its Motel Rocks. Think great clothes, awesome company, indie music, party cups and yummy snacks and you're about there with the Motel event. It was called #MotelFestival and showcased some up coming collections for the online clothing store. Whilst browsing the clothes racks we were treated to music from Them & Us, The Tuts and a DJ set from Billie J D Porter. For food there was a snack stand and a popcorn and candy floss machine- yum. With Malibu sponsoring the drinks it was sure to be a great evening.

The Tuts take the stage
Myself, Amy, Kayla, Jacqueline & Leanne
Ami Carmine of Them & Us
Billie J D Porter DJ-ing
You can click here to see what I wore to the event! I had an absolute blast, had one too many yummy cocktails and took a bunch of snaps in the polaroid photo booth. If you'd like to see more snaps of the night, you should follow me on Instagram (@thisdystopia). I'd like to thank Motel Rocks for inviting me- I've added about 100 items of clothing from you guys to my 'to buy' list when it comes online. I've also got a video with The Tuts coming up on my main channel, so get excited! To see more of the event and a sneak peek of Motel Rock's up coming collections, watch my vlog below. 

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Amy x 
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