Sunday, 6 April 2014

We sure as hell have nothing now

I popped home to my parents house this weekend, for friends birthdays, relaxing and catching up with everyone. Due to the short stay, I didn't bring many clothes home with me, so this lead to me 'shopping my closet,' or more accurately, what was left of it after I took most of my clothes to Brighton and my sister Emily, raided the remaining items! I found this dress in the depths, a fun, kitsch sun dress with little beach chairs and umbrellas and decided it was perfect, especially as the weather was so warm. Its from Primark, but feels really silky and looks much more unique than some of the bland items Primark are known to churn out, en mass.
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Cardigan: M&S
Necklace: *ONecklace
I bought my new Onecklace home with me, and I'm so glad- it goes with everything and I love how personal it is, within the gold circle are my three initials: A J P. You can get so many different style of personalised necklaces from Onecklace: name necklaces or initial necklaces in either 24k gold plate or sterling silver. I think they would make a great gift. I also have a coupon code if you'd like your own onecklace. Use the code 'the-cameras-lying' for 10% off.

If you enjoyed this post, then we are both in luck, as its that time of the year again, where Company Magazine opens its flood gates for hundreds of nominations for its Style Blogger Awards! Last year, with the help of you guys, I was shortlisted and this year, I aim to be shortlisted again. If you enjoy my blog, please nominate me here, under 'Best Personal Style Blog in Association with Missguided.' Thank you! 

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Amy x 
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