Thursday, 10 April 2014

Trek America #Blog4Trek FINAL

This post is my entry for the final of the #Blog4Trek, Trek America competition, which I got to with the help of all of you- so thank you! The final brief is to write a post detailing why we should be chosen to go on the trek. So, without further ado, here is why I should be chosen.

I began my blogging adventure as a way of exploring my creativity. Whether it was a beauty product, outfit or something I'd done, I wanted to blog it, in the most creative, interesting way possible so my followers could experience it just as I had done. I've blogged about a range of things from Lana Del Ray's controversial Mulberry bag (Ooh er) to more serious topics like mental health and my experiences with this. I've shared my personal photography, music I'm loving, books I'm reading and family holidays. I'd love the chance to take my blog and my followers along with me on Trek America's Westerner 2 trip and add 'blogging around America' to my list of experiences I've shared with my followers and the internet.

Blogging and everything that comes with it is a passion for me. I enjoy the entire process from the photographing to the writing of the post and then interacting with my readers after the post has gone live. I've experienced blogging as a blogger and as a blog reader. I've lived vicariously through the blog's I read and the things they've spoken about and now I'd like to take my followers on a whistle stop tour of America with myself and Trek America, through my own blog.

Blogs for me, can be just as engaging as stories you read in books, engulfing you and transporting you to another place. But, the amazing thing about blogs is they are free to read, accessible and you can be given the chance to learn about things you may not decide to pick up and read a book about, all because you feel connected to the person writing. You feel like you know them as a person, through their personal writings and that is what makes reading and writing blogs an incredible experience. 

I think I should be given this opportunity because I pour my heart, body and soul into my blog posts. I pride my blog on being accessible, honest and whilst I've been told reading my blog 'is like talking to a friend' I also pride myself on finding a great balance, keeping my posts relaxed and friendly, yet also professional. I'd like to provide my personal account of the Westerner 2 Trek, through my eyes and my lens. I'll leave no experience left unexplained, no site left un-photographed, everything will be documented in the way I always do here on my blog, with a fun and personal twist on it. 

I'd like to thank Trek America for this incredible opportunity and all my followers who 'liked' my photograph at stage two of the #Blog4Trek competition- you guys rock. Good luck to the other five contestants and hopefully I'll be seeing the Trek America team, soon! Fingers crossed,

Amy x 
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