Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I got 99 problems but you won't be one

Gingham and a cleated sole? Well, this outfit really does have it all, doesn't it? I purchased this little cropped beauty from Topshop at the weekend for £18 and immediately wanted to style it up. Its super cute, but the extreme crop makes it a bit more edgy, especially with the huge platform shoes, which coincidentally haven't left my feet since I got them. They are surprisingly comfortable and really easy to walk in.
Top: Topshop
Trousers: Vintage via Charity Shop
Shoes: *Glamorous
I'm chained to my laptop at the moment, writing my final essays for second year university- eek! However, I'm putting out a tonne of content on my youtube channel, TheCameraLiesBeauty, so you should subscribe to me there! I'm also selling some clothes over on my depop (username: Thecameraliesbeauty) so if you are interested in shopping my style follow me on there! 

If you enjoyed this post, then we are both in luck, as its that time of the year again, where Company Magazine opens its flood gates for hundreds of nominations for its Style Blogger Awards! Last year, with the help of you guys, I was shortlisted and this year, I aim to be shortlisted again. If you enjoy my blog, please nominate me here, under 'Best Personal Style Blog in Association with Missguided.' Thank you! 

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Amy x 
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