Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Fairytale TAG

Snow White
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I saw this TAG on the lovely Jennie's blog 'Sailor Jennie' and I just had to do it, myself. I love fairytales and haven't done a tag or more personal blog post on my blog in a while. What better way to ring in a new month? 

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
No. I don't mind the way I look, but I am by no means beautiful. That is okay though, beauty comes from within.

Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep at night?
It depends, as a student I have an irregular time table which means I can nap during the day! But at night, perhaps 6ish?

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?
Nope, I'm 19 and I live on my own. This means sometimes I'll go to bed at 6pm (yep, that has really happened) or stay up till 4am...

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?
Yes! Playing Ultimate Frisbee, taking photographs or going for a run! 

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers easily?
No, I don't trust anyone easily! I've had my trust broken a few too many times to ever trust someone completely.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids - Are you easily fooled?
I wouldn't say so, I'm not especially gullible.

Beauty and the Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
loyalty and honesty are such beautiful traits and also rare, in my experience.

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love?
Love often means sacrifice and compromise but if I love someone I'm very loyal to them and will sacrifice a lot for them.

The Frog Prince - What do you find disgusting?
Feet, bad manners and body odour. I'm completely intolerant of bad smells and I get grossed out by feet pretty easily. I also hate bad manners (so British) and I have trypophobia (although thats probably caused by the internet!)

Jack and the Beanstalk - Do you have any plants?
Yes! My ex boyfriend bought me a plant as a housewarming gift when I started university a year and a half ago. I try to look after him, but he always looks much healthier when I take him home at the holidays and my Mum looks after him... hm...

Puss in Boots - Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?
I have a cat called Kiki Dee! She is my family cat and lives with my parents. When I graduate I want to get as many cats as I can fit in my house. 

Bluebeard - What is your weak point?
I procrastinate like mad and if I'm having a bad day it gets worse! I'll leave all my reading till tomorrow because I'm sad or just because I had a stressful seminar... Not helpful OR logical.

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish?
To be happy and content and for the people I love to be the same.

Peter Pan - What is your mental age?
About 15. I still giggle at innuendos, fan girl over Fall Out Boy and over react to the tiniest of things (and don't know my alcohol limits...)- I never left high school!

The Star Money - What is your most valuable possession?
My Antique Cameo ring. Its gorgeous and rose gold, but also invaluable for sentimental reasons as its a family heirloom. 

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary - Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?
When I really love something- such as blogging and youtubing, I'll put all my efforts into it and can become quite a perfectionist. However, if I get even a little bit disillusioned with something I can become quite lazy. Guilty!

The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend? What would you do for them?

I have a few best friends, namely Steph, Rosie and Hayley who have all been very important in my life and I would do anything for them.

The Princess and the Pea - Are you sensitive?
Yep! Books, films, pictures of cute cats, sloth videos..... I'll cry at it all. 

Godfather Death - What qualities make a good parent?
I look to my own parents for my answer to this question- they are amazing. They are unfathomably loyal and will go any distance for my sister and I.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses / The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes - Do you like parties?
Hells yeah! I love nothing more than singing and dancing and having a good time with friends.

The Emperor's New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothing?
I love fashion, but I don't care about it in that I won't go out in sweatpants (oh, I will), but I see fashion as art and my body as a canvas.

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave? 

In some aspects. I'm not scared of heights, roller coasters, public speaking or other things which set people on edge (I'm a bit of a thrill seeker) but the thought of facing the world without my ex boyfriend/bestfriend after we broke up TERRIFIED me.

I TAG: Meg from Wonderful You, Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady, Rose from a Rosie Tinted Life and Bee from Viva Tramp!

Amy x
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