Monday, 30 December 2013

OPI Nail Polish Haul

OPI are my favourite brand of nail polish, as they have every shade under the rainbow and every shade. They are long lasting and I find they don't dry out as quickly as other brands do. I buy mine from Fragrance Direct, as they are heavily discounted and often change which shades they are stocking online. I got four for under £20, which considering the RRP of OPI polishes are about £15 is the bomb dot com.
I got four shades: 'Diva Of Geneva' a purple red with gold iridescent shimmer, 'Congeniality is My Middle Name' a deep red pink with pink iridescent shimmer,'Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?' A deep mauve with gold shimmer and 'Planks a Lot' which is a simple grey lilac. All the colours are beautiful,  but especially the ones with iridescent shimmer in. My friends take the mickey out of me because I over use the word 'iridescent,' but there literally is not greater word to describe shimmery beauty products- am I right?

Amy x
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