Friday, 20 December 2013

My Love Affair With Social Media

As per, I was all over the latest issue of Company Magazine when it hit shelves this month. It is always full to the brim of great articles, but one that really intrigued me this month was all about Tasha Hinde's (freelance fashion writer and blogger) timeline of her social media covering all the well known platforms. It got me thinking about my own online footprint and the results are too funny not to share.

Piczo2006: Piczo
12 years old the 'cool' thing to do in year 8 was start a piczo site. I owe a lot to piczo as its actually where I first learnt HTML coding. I would spend hours doing and re doing my website layout (it had a monochrome photo of me anchored to the scroll bar... so cool...) Other than that it was just a web page with different pages for different photos I found on the internet and thought were nice. Odd. Piczo didn't stand the text of time and is now dead. R.I.P

2007: Bebo
Bebo was were I developed my wannabe 'scene kid' persona, my bebo name being Amy Adrenaline... Yep, really. Again I enjoyed creating 'skins' for my bebo through html coding and a bit of paint.. ooh how times have changed. My profile photos were mostly up close shots of my giant side fringe and face, taken from a high angle looking down, with a caption of Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance/Panic! At The Disco lyric. The biggest challenge I had to deal with was who was going to be in my top 5 friends...

2008: Facebook
I totally skipped the myspace scene and jumped straight into the icy waters of Facebook. My first status update was actually 'is preparing for her birthday YAY!.' Mostly I used facebook to store photographs and to catch up with Primary School friends over wall to wall chat (way before the invention of facebook chat!) I still use facebook today and you can 'like my page here.' For your entertainment, my first profile photograph is to the left. I'm the one on the left: sharp fringe and 'fierce' bob

2009: Tumblr
My tumblr was born in 2009 over a Summer when many of my friends went away for a month for world challenge. 4 years later and boredom is still why I use Tumblr. I follow a mix of fashion, funny gif and photography tumblrs, and made some great friends through it (looking at you Elle and Devon!) I reblog things that make me think, or make me happy as well as a few more personal text posts and awful webcam selfies! Back in the day I also used Tumblr to document my personal photography, which you can see here.

2011: Blogger
In 2011 The Camera's Lying was born. I started blogging to no one, and following two or three blogs at most. I quickly realised there were hundreds of great blogs to read and the more I engaged in the community, the more my own blog grew. To your left is my first ever outfit post. Every single post is still up on my blog for you to read! I can't believe I'm nearly at 500,000 page views and over 1000 readers two years later- crazy!

2011: Twitter
2011 was also the year I jumped (really late) onto the twitter bandwagon. My stats are the only things that have changed, I still only tweet about blogging/youtube, cats & food with the occasional satirical comment thrown in for good measure. Since 2011 I have tweeted over 10,000 times which is all kinds of embarrassing. Highs include: Millie Macintosh following me.

2012: Youtube
we can't forget youtube. I started my channel TheCameraLiesBeauty in the Summer and never looked back. I've had some amazing experiences and made loads of friends because of my channel. One of the highlights was DailyMix's Beauty Blogger Bootcamp and getting to do Sam of Pixiwoo's makeup! I now have 14,000 subscribers and couldn't be happier.  

And that's it, folks! A run down of all my social media spaces and the footprint I've left on the face of the WWW. What does your internet space look like?

Amy x
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