Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Vintage Chanel

Silk Dress: $3,200
Tote Bag: $2,800
Bangle: $828
Two Piece: $2,250
Jacket: $5,500
Isn't that just the most beautiful site? 5 Of my top picks of Nasty Gal's genuine vintage Chanel collection. Yup, thats a thing. A heartbreakingly beautiful thing. As soon as I stumbled upon the excruciatingly painful collection I knew that if I couldn't have it, at least I could blog it. These are just my creme de la creme of the crop, but Nasty Gal have a huge collection -the biggest vintage Chanel collection I've ever seen in one place- and its positively drool worthy. Sorry if I've just broken any hearts out there, but it needed to be shared. Please excuse me, I'm off to cry C shaped tears...

Amy x 

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