Monday, 11 November 2013

Its going down, so I call timber

The weekend just gone I spent with my family and friends back in London. It was nice to take a break from the craziness of uni life and catch up with everyone. I ate like a king (Sunday roast, filo tarts & gammon...) and spent most of the brief period I was there getting in a few weeks worth of hugs with my cat. My Mum and I also went thrift shopping to a local Charity Shop which has open near me. Its a new breed of charity shop, the 'boutique' chairty shop, selling the creme de la creme of cast offs and serving tea, cake and even ye olde sweets at the back of the shop! The whole experience was super cute and fun, especially considering the changing room was a little shed painted pink and turquoise, inside the shop itself, with floral curtains and a hanging chandelier inside (yep, really! See my Instagram for pics).




Dress: Charity Shop
Boots: Borrowed from my Mum!
Cardigan: H&M

Although more expensive than a conventional charity shop, I still managed to snag the dress I'm wearing above for £7, which, considering it still had tags on was pretty awesome. Its the epitmome of Autumnal florals and I love it. Yes, I look like Fall vomited on me with the brown riding boots and red hair, but hey, if you can't get away with it now, when can you?

Amy x 
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