Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jewel Candles Review

 A few years ago, Elle or Allthatglitters21, made a youtube video featuring Diamond Candles. The idea was simple, a ring worth from $10 to about $5000(?!) was hidden in each candle. You burnt the candle to find your unique ring. I loved the idea- jewellery and a scented candle all in one? Christmas come early. But, it was US only, so I put my hammering heart to bed and forgot about them. Until, UK based Jewel Candle contacted me a few months ago. The company is similar to Diamond candle: pretty scented candles housing either a ring (large candles) or earrings (small candles) each jewellery item within guaranteed to be worth between £10 and £250. The wanted to send me some candles, and of course, I said yes.

 I received one ring candle (in the scent Sweet Cupcake) and one earring candle (in the scent Cuddle Care). There are a variety of floral, fruity and sweet scents available in a range of colours- to suit everyone's tastes and room decors. Sweet Cupcake is a sweet, sugary, warming vanilla scent whilst Cuddle Care is a freshly washed linen smell which I like to light in my bedroom, half an hour or so before I go to bed as its a really relaxing scent.

The larger candle burn for about 150 hours and it takes about 10 to reveal your jewel. The jewels in question are wrapped in heat resistant foil to protect them and come with a little tag telling you how much they are worth.

Waiting for my jewels was exciting and when I could finally tweezer them out I was beside myself with excitement. The ring I received is pictured above, I love it. Its worth £50 and is of course, like all the jewels, sterling silver. The earrings I got are similar to the ring, silver with a silver jewel and were worth £35. The ring candles retail for £24.95 and the earring candles £16.95, which may seem pricey, but for a scented candle with 150 hours of burn time AND a jewel inside, its a pretty great deal.

I think jewel candles would make AMAZING gifts for friends and family, a twist on the classic scented candle. A big thank you to jewel candle from me!

Amy x
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