Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ticket stubs and your diaries

Chi Chi Clothing sent me this stunning mermaid dress ages ago. Unfortunately a mix up meant it went awol in the post, prompting me to go on a lengthy hunt for it. I finally got my mitts on the package, I tore into it like a crazed dog, because if anything gets me excited, its turquoise and fairytale style dresses. Basically, I am a mermaid, unfortunately born into the body of a human girl with.... legs...




Dress: *Chi Chi Clothing
Shoes: New Look
Ring: H&M
I already have an event I plan on wearing this gorgeous creation to (I'll give you a hint: 'LFW after party', okay, that totally gave it away, oops!) But its so comfortable and floaty, I spent a good few minutes twirling around in it on the street, much to my new neighbours amusement! 

Amy x

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