Wednesday, 18 September 2013

London Fashion Week with New Look

As you all know from my posts a few days ago, I spent day one of London Fashion Week filming with New Look and three other bloggers! The whole day was loads of fun and the video went live today and I couldn't resist sharing it with you. I'm a bit of a cringe ball at points... note my 'lets go...!' But the video turned out great despite my awkwardness. To finish of this little 'New Look' series I thought I'd answer some questions New Look asked me, and post them here for you guys to read.

1. Was this your first time at LFW?
Yep! I've been to Somerset House to see the street style around this time before, but never been to any shows, like I did this year.
2. What was your favourite part of the refuel room?
The photobooth was so much fun- I'm decorating my uni room with all the snaps I got with some great bloggers.
3. How has New Look inspired your style?
The outfit I chose from New Look to wear in the above video taught me that, despite my reservations, I can wear turtle necks.... even with my #chestybloggerproblems. So I'll definitely be wearing them more now- I'e already bought another!
4. Which collection were you most excited to see before coming to LFW?
House of Holland, no doubt. I was at the show (le cry) but I watch it online and marvelled over every piece.
5. Has that collection lived up to your expectations?
Certainly, Henry Holland never fails to wow me, I haven't seen a collection of his that I haven't loved.
6. Do you have a favourite designer?
As you may be able to tell I'm a massive fan of Henry Holland but coming a close second is Alexander McQueen and Temperley London for more classic pieces.
7. What were the main areas of LFW that you wanted to tell your readers all about?
The street style! I loved how everyone was photographing everyone elses outfits for inspiration- theres so much style from the people milling around outside the shows.
8. Was your experience at LFW everything you expected it to be?
It was amazing, although I never expected it to be so tiring- walking around in heels all day is a killer and the few days I was there have left me need more caffeine than I care to share on the internet.
9. Were there any collections that you found disappointing?
I've been so busy this week with travelling to London, blogging and sleeping that I haven't caught up on all the shows yet. I haven't been disappointed by the ones I have watched, although I didn't think Meadham Kirchhoff's collection lived up to last years.
10. Was there a key fashion theme running through this year’s LFW?
A mix of floaty pieces combined with structured pieces was seen in a few different shows.
11. Did you spot any celebrities?
I spotted Rosie Fortescue, Amber Atherton, Kimberly Garner and the briefest flash of Rosie Huntington Whiteley. 
12. So what are the key trends for Autumn Winter?
Personally I'm all over the Karl Lagerfeld inspired tartan- love me some tarten! But also structured tailoring, mmm tailoring...
13. What was your highlight from you time at LFW?
Hanging with all my blogger and youtube friends, they are always a riot and being FROW (front row) thats something I'll never forget.
14. What was your favourite collection?
Lulu Lui blew my mind- especially the pink and turquoise floral illustrated print she reused throughout the collection. Me likey. A lot.
15. What was the most ridiculous outfit you saw?
The rubber/latex lady who I featured in my style spotting post was pretty wild. I spotted her a few times with various different inflatable dogs under her arm!
16. Describe your experience at LFW in 3 words
Style inspiring madness!
17. Any trends you will not be adopting?
The stretchy headbands seen at the Victoria Beckham and Vera Wang shows... a bit too 90s throw back for me! Reminds me of my primary school P.E. classes...
18. What has your day/week consisted of?
So much photography. Like. Constantly. Taking. Photographs. 
19. Do you have any tips for making the most out of your time at LFW?
Leave your shyness at home and talk to everyone- some of the most interesting people come together for London Fashion Week and everyone is happy to chat to you!
20. Any new designers you saw that you think will make it big?
He's not 'new' as such by BIG things are coming for Ong Oaj Pairam this year, I can tell, his collection was beautiful.
21. If you could take home one of the collections whose would it be?
House of Holland, Mulberry and Topshop please and thank you.
22. If you could sit in the front row with all the celebs, who would you want to sit with?
I'm totally down for chilling with Kate Moss in the FROW,  we went to the same high school so that makes us practically bezzies, anyway, right? 
23. How many outfits did you try on before deciding what to wear to LFW?
Millions. My carpet is still a full on floordrobe.
24. What was the inspiration for your outfits?
My friend and flat mate, Rosie helped me choose- shes a fashion lover too! 
25. Have you ever made a total fashion faux pas? 
Haven't we all. My entire 90s wardrobe was one big faux pas. 

Amy x
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