Monday, 2 September 2013

AB Hair Extensions Review

Hair styled with AB Hair Real Hair Extensions*
I've never worn hair extensions before, partially due to ignorance about them and laziness. But when AB hair contacted me asking if I'd like to review some of their hair extensions, I said yes, out of curiosity. My own hair is very long, about 25 inches give or take, but quite thin. So, the idea of being able to have a bit more swish and volume to my mane without having to cut in layers seemed great. However, my hair is a synthetic red colour (can you tell?), what can I say, I didn't choose the mermaid life, the mermaid life chose me. Now, believe it or not, getting real, 100% human hair extensions in red is impossible, but I didn't want synthetic ones (the remind me of barbie dolls!) So, I chose the 22 inch waved Indian Remy Hair in Light Chestnut to review.

The great thing about real human hair extensions is you can style them with heat, dye them, wash them, and care for them like your normal hair. This in mind I plan on dying my extensions to match my colour as, in the above photo you can see where the extensions show through my real hair. 

The set comes with 9 'wefts' (learning the lingo!) which are easy to clip in, even for novices like me. The range of weft sizes (from wide ones almost going ear to ear, to really thin ones) mean you can add volume where you need it, or go for a really natural looking full head, which is what I'm wearing in the above photo. Once in the extensions stay put, I experimented with some rather 90s rave moves and some more 70s head banging- its all good, no hair loss!

Over all I'm really excited to dye these to my exact colour and wear them out for nights out or special occasions! What do you think of hair extensions?

Amy x
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