Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Rise of The Planet of The Tinted Lipbalms

Finding and purchasing the Maybelline Baby Lips is like scoring drugs. The initial hit is a high for any makeup lover, the scent, the different tints, the names.. but the come down is just as crazy; 'why did I go balmy (excuse the pun) for tinted lipbalms..?' They are everywhere these days and companies are doing the best they can to mimic the quirky, scented Baby Lips. Today I'm going to be comparing three sorts: The Maybelline Baby Lips, Essence's Kiss Care and Love balms and Miss Sporty's Dr Balms. Are they really worth the hype?

First up the Baby Lips in 'Pink Punch,' 'Peach Kiss' and 'Cherry Me.' In terms of scent they are addictive, each one different, each as strong and sweet. The packaging is fun and easy to find in your bag, and the clear lids mean no searching for the shade you want. Pigmentation is okay, nothing to write home about but you can tell there is something on your lips. They feel comfortable and silky on your lips and last about 3 to 4 hours without eating or drinking before you need to reapply. They are cheap at £2.99 each but don't deliver the moisturise my lips need. 
Pink Punch
Peach Kiss
Cherry Me
Next up, the Dr Balms. I have two to show you 'Glam Kiss' and 'Heartbreaker Kiss.' They are cheaper than the Maybelline Baby Lips at £1.99 each and contain Royal Jelly. Personally I find them far more hydrating but less easy to apply. As you need to push a bit harder to get the pigment to transfer the bullets often snap and as you can see from my next photo, you hardly get much product, a third less than the Baby Lips. I love the scent of these, although there is only one scent across the whole line, its very sugary and sweet. I dislike the packaging, its gaudy and tacky but the lid is far more secure than the Baby Lips offering. I can't comment on the pigmentation as I found Glam kiss very pigmented but Heartbreaker kiss incredibly weak.

Glam Kiss
Heartbreaker Kiss is almost invisible 
Finally I'm talking Essence, a European budget brand. They have a line called 'Kiss Care Love Lipbalms' in which I own the purple iridescent 'Purple Berries' shade. The scent of this is by far the best offering of the three, it reminds me of a fruity fizzy drink! The hydration levels are probably the best of all three balms also, making my lips super soft. However the pigmentation is weak and the packaging rubs off after a few uses. They are harder to get hold of in the UK than the other two brands but cost between £1-£2 depending on exchange rate. 
Purple Berries
Are you a fan of the tinted balm craze? Have you purchased the Maybelline Baby Lips or are you one of the sensible members of society, staying away from the hype and saving your money?

Amy x
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