Friday, 9 August 2013

Panache Lingerie Review

A few weeks ago, some fellow bloggers and I were playing around with the hashtag '#chestybloggerproblems,' laughing about awkward face obscuring angles in OOTD's and how some clothes just don't work for the bustier lady (I'm looking at you bandeau bikinis, hello triangular boobs and gravity...). So, when Panache contacted me asking if I'd like to review an underwear set for them, I jumped at the chance. My whole family suffers (or is blessed, depending on your personal preference) with large breasticles. Finding bras that fit us and don't look like a sack made for potatoes can be hard. Just because my boobs are large doesn't mean I don't want to encase them in something pretty, okay? So its no understatement to say I've never been more excited about underwear than when my Panache package arrived.

Panache cater for ladies from a D cup to a K cup (yeah, really) and also have a wide range of back sizes. For me, I have trouble shopping for bras in standard lingerie shops because I have such an odd bra size. We are all ladies here, so I don't feel too weird telling you that I am a 32F, which is slightly difficult to find, but Panache had me covered. I received the Loretta plunge underwear set in cobalt. It fits like a dream, and gives me a gorgeous shape- take THAT gravity! The simple yet stunning lacey pattern makes me feeling sexy, even though no ones going to be seeing it...

Well you didn't think I was going to give you a full on shot of me in my underwear, did you? There is enough of THAT on the internet without my help... However I did want to show you a bit of the fit and what it looks like on. This is about as saucy as The Camera's Lying gets, chaps, so enjoy it!

Amy x
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