Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm a walking disaster, a broken machine

I've had this skirt saved to my 'Items I want' folder in my internet favourites (yep, that's a thing, next to the 'Recipes' and 'Bloggy Stuff' folders). Well, it went out of stock online before I got around to buying it, so I assumed that was it, the dream was dead, but then I stumbled across it -the last one on the rail, in my size no less- in my local Topshop's 'Last Chance To Buy' section. It was fate. It reminds me of the typical American motels 'Lolita' visited in Vladimir Nabokov's book, and I love it.


Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: *OASAP
Bag: Guess
Ring: Antique
Nail Polish: OPI's Suzi's Hungary Again

This outfit is possibly my new favourite outfit, however DON'T wear it when you plan on eating a lot or drinking alcohol. I mistakenly wore it on a pub night which turned into a 'visiting a late night dessert bar and eating tonnes of cookies, milkshakes, crepes and ice cream' night, not to mention the burger and alcohol I had eaten before hand. Oops.

Amy x

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