Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Calling all youtubers!

Gaining recognition for your hard work on youtube is about as easy as swimming the English Channel with ten tonne weights attached to your ankles. Its down to time (lots of time), blood, sweat, tears and a side helping of luck. 

I got a boost thanks to DailyMixTV and am under no illusion that I would be where I am today, without their help. So I want to help out some other talented small time youtubers waiting for their big break, too. If you make youtube videos, leave a video response to the video above the video you would like to enter. Please have 'TheCameraLiesBeauty Competition' in the title and copy and paste this: 'This is an entry to Amy/TheCameraLiesbeauty's 'TheCameraLiesBeauty Youtuber Competition' for beauty, fashion and vlog youtubers. Check out Amy's channel to see how you can enter, as well:' into your video descriptions.

You can enter three sorts of video (One video, per category, per user) 'Beauty Videos' which include reviews, top beauty products, tutorials, nail videos, etc. 'Fashion Videos' which include how to style, lookbooks, etc and 'Vlog Videos' which include tag videos, daily vlogs, chatty videos, etc.

I will choose one winner per category and promote them on my channel to 13,500 people, so get entering. Please be subscribed to my channel to enter and read the description box of the video above for full 'T's & C's.'

Amy x 
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