Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wear your heart on your cheek

Looking at these photographs, all I can think is- HOW weird are my knees? Really though, they are not pleasant to look at- I apologise. In other news though, this tshirt may just be my new favourite thing. Disney and cats combined? You can't go wrong. I really hope more variations are bought out soon... I would be all over that! I'm also really into mixing dressy with casual and soft with gritty textures, it just makes for such an interesting eye catching outfit and some how works so perfectly.



Tshirt: *Oasap
Dress (worn as skirt): *Glamorous (old)
Shoes: *Oasap (old)
Sorry for the entire outfit being '*' blogger sin, I know, I know, but it just worked together so perfectly!

Amy x
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