Monday, 24 June 2013

Ladies Night

Sometimes, I fancy a big blow out night. I'm talking falsies, high heels, 'drinks on me' and a classic red lip. These nights are all about the makeup, the finished look, looking fab for the dance floor and feeling like a backup dancer in a Beyonce music video, strutting my stuff. Are you cringing yet? But some nights are all about a pampering night in. These nights are about the prep, perfecting our skin in readiness for the next big night out. About deep cleansing our pores with horrifying mud masks, lathering on the moisturiser and painting my girlfriends nails. 

Both make for a great night but which do you prefer? Personally I can't enjoy the up time, without a decent amount of the down time too, so give me both in equal measures please! But when 2,000 women from the UK were surveyed, nearly 70% of all women asked preferred a night in with the girls than a night out on the town. 

So lets talk 'ladies night in' products. I'm currently loving the Eve Lom Rescue Mask as a starter, to draw out any imperfections and soothe my skin *cucumbers on eyes optional.* Then I love to follow up with a tissue soaked in cool milk to de-puff my eye areas. Milk contains lactic acid which is great for calming the delicate under eye area. After removing and painstakingly drawing out everything from my skin, I'm ready to dump a load more product on it (oh the irony). I start by mixing a moisturiser with a serum. I am currently using L'occitane's Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream and the Tropic Skin Care Ogranic Facial Elixir Oil. Don't forget the eyes and lips- a good rich lip balm and a light eye cream will leave you feeling great the next day.

How do you pamper with your gal pals? Do you prefer nights out or nights in?'

Amy x
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