Friday, 31 May 2013

The Company Style Blogger Awards


I've been banging on about the Company Blog Awards for ages now, and this is -probably- the last you'll hear of it from me (I hear your sighs of relief!) as it was the big event last Wednesday. I was nervous, excited, and so grateful to have been shortlisted in two categories. I wore this pretty blue dress from Chi Chi after literally pulling my entire wardrobe apart to find something! I added my pinky nude heels from New Look and a bright fuchsia pink clutch from Accessorize.  

Unfortunatly the night started off on a downer, with my getting lost, running up and down London in a panic, in heels, sobbing. Yep, dramatic. I ended up grabbing the first taxi I could see (who was waiting at a traffic light!) and sobbing to him were I wanted to go, makeup all down my face... Once we got there, I didn't have the right amount of cash to pay him, so the cheeky so and so informed the sobbing mess in the back of his cab that there 'isn't a cash point near by, so you'd better run because I'm leaving the meter running.' Queue more crying and a panic rush to tesco to spend more money than necessary on chewing gum to reach the card machine limit to get cash back.... Talk about drama. 
Dress: *Chi Chi
Lashes: Primark!
Luckily upon arriving, I met up with Rhiannon, Megan and Georgie and I washed away my blues with blogger chat, cocktails, sushi and photobooth fun! There was hair styling, lash application c/o VintageCosmeticsCo and sunglasses customisation station. 

Rhiannon and I, fourth time meeting each other and our first photo together.
Although I didn't win, I was really happy for everyone who did and I had such a great time meeting everyone and seeing old blogger friends. I had some great chats with members of the Company team (yeah, I was fangirling) and loved picking through the goodie bag we received.
Ellie, Rhiannon, Victoria and I photoboothing!
Sophie and I, happy to finally meet!
Sophie, Victoria and I after the event
The three photos above are pinched from Sophie's blog, thank you Sophie!
A massive thank you to Company for having me and to each and everyone of you who nominated and voted for me. I felt so honoured to be shortlisted!

Amy x
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