Monday, 22 April 2013

Emily Browning Girl Crush

Emily Browning is one of those celebrities who causes green eyes all around when she steps into a room. Stylish, naturally stunning with a smile that lights up the room, its fair to say I want to be her. But with her glittering personality, it hard to dislike her. I mean really hard. She’s like the best friend you want to have, the stylish friend who can help dress you up and do your makeup and also provide a shoulder to cry on. I read a post on the VUE website which talked about how normal some celebrities really are and I think Emily Browning is too. Yes, I have a major girl crush.
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She can effortlessly transition from a feminine pixie, to a sharpened, edgy 'don't mess with me girl.' After her gamer girl-esque role in Sucker Punch, shes every guys dream. Shes played some huge roles from Violet in A Series of Unfortunate Events, to some haunting roles in The Uninvited and Magic Magic, which she stars in with Micheal Cera and Juno Temple. 

So, stylish, beautiful, talented actress.. did I mention she can sing too? Okay, that's enough gushing for now. But watch out for Emily in her latest cameo in The Host. Which is only like, the next Twilight. In case you hadn't heard.

Amy x
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