Friday, 22 March 2013

Tropic Skincare Organic Elixir Oil Review

Tropic Skincare is an organic, natural and honest skincare company created in 2007 by Susan Ma and nurtured by both her and Lord Alan Sugar since they split the business 50/50 after Miss Ma's appearance on The Apprentice in 2011.

All of Tropics products are vegan and cruelty free which is a massive plus for me and my animal loving personality! So you can imagine my joy when a Tropic skincare product dropped through my letter box for me to review. Lets just say, I had high hopes.

Fortunately, I was not let down. I received Tropic's Organic Elixir Oil* which retails at £30 for 50ml and I'm happy to report has become a staple in my skin care routine since receiving it!

But what is it?
The Elixir Oil is a face and neck oil which aims to smooth, firm and brighten your skin to give you a more youthful and glowing complexion. I use it after cleansing and before my moisturiser by popping a few drops onto a cotton pad and wiping across my face.

What does is contain?
The most -excuse my language- badass ingredient is Moringa Oil which contains over 1,700 antioxidants! Phew, that is a lot! It also aids skin in rejuvenation, blemish control and helps to smooth wrinkles. Miracle worker? Yes. Definitely! However it also contains kiwi and pomegranate seed, as well as vitamin E- all very desirable in their own skincare rights.
But what do I think?
Simple, I love it. The gorgeous packaging which I'm proudly displaying on my dressing table is the start of a long list of positives. As soon as you apply the product (of which you only need a minimal amount) my skin felt better for it. The oil sank in pretty quickly leaving no greasy residue as I worry about with oils. It also made my skin feel moisturised and within a few days of use my skin already feels firmer and my dry patches are clearing up nicely (especially around my nose). This is a big plus for me as it means my foundation looks so much more natural and smooth when I am wearing it.

I love how quickly I've seen results with this product and I can already see its worth the £30. The minimal usage of the product (especially when applied using a cotton pad) means the product is going to last me ages, as well. I can't believe I never used a facial oil in my skin care routine before and I can promise you I won't stop in the foreseeable future!
Be sure to watch the above video for more information and clips of the product and thank you to Tropic for sending me the product.

Amy x
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