Monday, 11 March 2013

I've been divvying in my darkness

So news flash, its snowing down in Brighton again. After all the 'Spring' posts I've been splashing all over The Camera's Lying how embarrassing! But at least that means I got to crack out the beanies again. This was today's outfit before I got in from lectures and crawled back into my fleecy pajamas. I plan on staying in them, drinking tea and watching Dexter. All. Evening. (No shame).

Dress: Romwe
Jacket: Vera&Lucy
Shoes: Office
Beanie Hat: Ebay
Watch: Radley
So I know this dress looks short, but I promise you I wore shorts underneath it- which totally makes it okay... right? I'd also love to ask you a favour... if you enjoy my outfit posts here on The Camera's Lying, please nominate me for a Company Blogger Personal Style Award here. It would mean the world to me and I put a lot of effort into my outfit posts, making sure they are high quality, with good lighting and consistent.

Amy x
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