Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Benefit Goodies: A Review & The Style Haul UK Event

last week I attended a youtube party for Style Haul partners. There I met Tanya (Pixi2woo), Jim (Jim Chapman), Rhiannon (FashionRocksMySocks), Zoe (Zoella), Marcus (Marcus Butler), Claire, Caspar Lee, Ruth (A Model Recommends) and Alfie (Pointless Blog) to name a few, and drank probably more than was necessary! It was lovely to meet the girls behind Style Haul, the Gleam team and my fellow youtubers, but today I'm talking about the products the girls were given to take home by the lovely Benefit girls who were there. I was incredibly taken aback by their generosity- so thank you, you amazing people!
I received the brand, spanking new Benefit's The Fine One One, The POREfessional and They're Real Mascara. The POREfessional is the UKs top selling primer, just as They're Real is the UKs top selling Mascara. Its safe to say Benefit know what they are talking about!

I'd tried a sample size of this (thanks Glamour Mag!) before receiving the full size, so I already new this product was a winner. It immediately proves itself by visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores (shown above, blended on the back of my hand). I found it to sink in quickly, and although its silky feeling worried me it my be greasy, the formulation is actually oil-free! Fantastic. I trialed the products power of keeping my foundation put, last night and I can confirm- it works! When it came to makeup removing time, way more foundation had stayed put on my skin all day than sans The POREfessional. The proof was on the cotton pad! 

The Fine One-One is Benefits latest offering. A coral and pink blush stick with a highlighter in a champagne pink colour, all in one convenient stick. I was impressed by the size of this product, its compact and lightweight- the perfect handbag companion. Application is quick (although I used a stippling brush to blend, rather than my finger, as benefit recommended- I found that too messy) and it dramatically reduced the time it took me to get ready this morning (I was running very, very late!)

I'm a big drugstore mascara lover, so regardless of how many good things I'd heard about this mascara, I was unlikely ever to buy it (I'm stubborn). But I hate to admit it, but I've been proven wrong. There really is something special about this mascara. It lengthens, thickens and holds a curl like nobodies business! I'm not a fan of the plastic brush (I find them to need more wiggling) as I prefer bristle brushes (like Bad Gal has), but its such a great product that I can totally work with this fact. I've been using it for day wear and adding an extra coat for nights out and its been serving me well! I can't believe I didn't listen to the hype!

Many thanks to Benefit, and for Style Haul for hosting the event! If you want to see some footage of the event (and myself, Rhiannon and Caspar Lee taking a shot!) click here to view Rhiannon's vlog.

Amy x
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