Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Pandora Bracelet

A while ago, I was asked by a reader to do a post on my pandora bracelet which I have owned for nearly 3 and a half years and wear all the time. I was bought my silver Pandora bracelet by Jimbo (my boyfriend) for the anniversary of our first year together. It was a really touching gift as I'd mentioned (months before) that I wanted one but never mentioned it again. He completely surprised me with it, such a thoughtful boy.
 1. Charm one is a Pandora charm in the form of small giraffe. I was bought this by my Granny as a Christmas present, three months after initially receiving my bracelet. It doesn't have a particular meaning to it, but its so cute and every time I see it I think of my Granny.
2. The '16' charm I was bought by my boyfriend's parents on my 16th birthday. Although 16 isn't a massive milestone in the UK (unlike the USA), for me it symboled the end of my GCSEs and the start of College!
3. Was bought for me by my Granny on the same occasion as my first charm. Turquoise is my favourite colour so this kick started a blue/green theme that my bracelet has held on to. 
4. Is a heart Pandora charm from my oldest best friend. We met aged 4 and have been friends ever since, despite her moving to Switzerland when we were 12. It reminds me of her, our friendship and the fact that long distance can work.
5. Five is, to this date, the only charm I've bought for myself. Its a tiny lock, from MissMagpie a shop which sells real silver charms, that aren't Pandora branded, yet made in the same factory as Pandora charms! Its in the shape of a little heart.
6. Is from Jimbo, again in a beautiful turquoise colour. I Absolutely love this one and so thankful I have a generous boyfriend. This one was a Valentines Day present one year when he couldn't be with me on the day.
7. Was a Christmas present from Jimbo, the first Christmas I owned the bracelet. I really like the pattern of this one. Having so many Murano glass Pandora beads makes me feel so so lucky. Every single bead bought for me by Jimbo signifies another event we've celebrated together.
8. Is a Pandora penguin, bought for me by my boyfriend and Is best friend, Tom. His nickname has been penguin for years now, so long- I can't even remember why! So he bought me this penguin charm for Christmas one year. It reminds me of our friendship and his generosity. 
9. Is a handbag, from my Aunt and Uncle from MissMagpie. My Aunt also likes Pandora so she knew where to find real silver charms made by the same factory that makes real Pandora charms. However, as these aren't officially Pandora branded, they are much cheaper! The shop is called MissMagpie, Find them here. I absolutely love this one- I was given it for my birthday, the year I started my blog which always reminds me of my love for fashion and making this little space dedicated (partially) to it!
10. Is the safety catch, bought or me by Jimbo, who knows I can be accident prone! I love it and the way it looks dangling down my arm. It just adds something, ya know? This was my 17th birthday present.

 11. Number Eleven is a sweet little phone charm from my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. I love how sweet this is and that it even has tiny buttons on it- adorable! This, again was a birthday present.
12. Here is another angle of the heart charm from my best friend. Evidently I forgot I'd already number it during the editing process. I suck.
13. Charm Number thirteen is a charm saying '18' not '81' and I got this on my eighteenth birthday from my boyfriend's parents! I'm so grateful to them for both the 16 and 18 charm. They are just there to remind me of my life journey and how far I've come.
14. Is my newest charm and it another MissMagpie beauty from my Aunt and Uncle. They gave this angel-esque lady to me before I headed to Uni last September to watch over me and help me through a major life changing event! It certainly helped as I've completed my first term without any major bumps or scrapes.
Lastly, I thought I'd show you my other Pandora bracelet, also from Jimbo. This was given to me for Valentines day and its the most lovely leather bracelet. It looks amazing layered with my silver one and feels so soft. If you want a Pandora bracelet but don't have a tonne to spend, the leather bracelets are an amazing way to go- they are so beautiful with their woven design and come in a range of colours.

I'm grateful to everyone who buys me charms for my bracelets, especially Jimbo who started the whole thing off, three and a half years ago. To me my Pandora bracelet is a symbol of my loved ones who I can wear on my sleeve at all times, literally.

Amy x
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