Monday, 7 January 2013

If I was a wealthy girl

A few months ago, I was a makeup obsessive. I even told my friend (who was horrified) that I'd take a £1000 worth of makeup over a Chanel handbag. However, 2013 has seen fashion over take my love for makeup. To celebrate the rekindled fire, I decided to write the handbag lust list of mine. bags I will probably never own, but will always dream of.

1. The Tory Burch Robinson Saffiano Double Zip Tote: £500
This is an 'on duty' bag. Big enough to hold everything, stylish and polished. It screams 'serious career girl' to me and I love the gold hard wear.

2. The Lulu Guinness Union Jack Lips Clutch: £475
Lulu's well known signature 'lips' clutch is something any fashion follower will have heard of. The ultimate night out accessory. It screams, I'm British, proud and I know my fashion!

3. The Vivienne Westwood Frilly snake-print large jasmine shoulder bag: £265
A little bit different, yet still classy and practical. This handbag will modernise any look and add an 'edge' to even the most plain jane of outfits. Punky, beautifulness.

4. The Prada Top Handle in Cornflower Blue: £1,290
The priciest bag on this list, but also the biggest and boldest. The way the blue contrasts with the gold hardwear in a playful yet stylish way sends shivers down my spine. Get in my closet. Please and thank you.

5. The Mulberry Bayswater: £995
I love this Rasberry shade but my Mum and I have also lusted after the deep purple and evergreen variants. Mulberry has some how become a 'blogger' staple in a world of young women. How do they afford it? If someone could let me know the secret, I'd be very grateful.

6. The Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Clutch: £171
The cheapest on this list, but also the smallest. This would be amazing for days out when all you need is your phone, keys and wallet. I love the detailing on the Mini Five Zips and the wide range of shades you can purchase them in.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some drooling to do....

Amy x
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