Monday, 28 January 2013

Get Chloë Moretz's Look

Chloë Moretz is only 15 but already an International super star. If you don't know her, you probably should. Shes starred alongside Eva Greene and Johnny Depp in 'Dark Shadows,' kicked ass in 'Kick Ass' as Hit Girl and played the role of sister and psychiatrist to big brother Tom in '(500) Days of Summer.' Chloë also took roles in two of my favourite horrors: 'Let Me In' and 'The Amityville Horror.' Lets not forget, shes only 15!

If I can be as talented as her, I can at least emulated her look- which is exactly what I did in the video and photographs below. Her People's Choice Awards look for the 2013 event, to be exact. Shes effortless and fashionable. Someone please give me her fashion sense, stat.


For a full list of products used, please click the link to view the video on youtube and be sure to leave a comment!

Amy x
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