Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Blogging in 2012

The Camera's Lying: 2012 in Summary
2012 was a pretty fantastic year for The Camera's Lying. We attended many an event, became part of Handpicked Media Community and collaborated with awesome brands such as Glamorous and OASAP. We started a youtube channel: The Camera Lies Beauty and became a youtube partner. 

I blogged through my final A level exams, my 18th birthday, the dreaded results day and then my first term at University. It seems so weird to think this time last year I attended my first blogger event (Rockalily and The London Lipgloss Lipstick Launch!), had just under 200 readers. I was 17, and worrying about my January exams. A year later I've changed so much and experienced so much its almost impossible to think of the person back in December 2011 being the person I am now.
The Blog Post Awards (The Camera's Lying):
The most ridiculous post: The Pajama OOTD

Blogging New Years Resolutions:
  1. Find an outfit post 'style' and stick to it. This year I've gone from taking landscape photos in my garden, to interesting 'artsy' type ones to portrait ones focusing on capturing the outfit as big and best as possible. My own inconsistency is annoying me!
  2. Make my blog more fashion related. This is something I want to do as I feel myself falling in love with clothes all over again.
  3. Never turn down opportunities, no matter how scary.

The Blog Post Awards (Other Bloggers):

Whats been your favourite blogging things from 2012?

Amy x
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