Friday, 11 January 2013

Atrixo Vintage Blogger Event

Yesterday, Atrixo held a Vintage blogger event at a rather nice venue in London (lets just say I was glad I donned boots rather than converse!) It was a lovely evening hosted by Atrixo and accompanied by The Vintage Patisserie ladies who were on hand to give us Vintage inspired makeovers and hair styles. We were also told we would be taught how to Knit a tiny little knitted flower by the knitting queen: Catherine Hirst. In between all this excitement, we were spoiled with cream teas, dainty cakes and canapes! Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I loved the decor of the place- very vintage Britain and seeing loads of bloggers wandering around with awesome vintage 'victory curls' was a treat. 

I met some amazing girls, and everyone from Atrixo was lovely. I'd heard of Atrixo before, and seen them in Boots, but then again- they have been around for 50 years! However, I'd never tried any of their products (the make hand cream for those of you who may not have heard of them). But with 50 years under their belt, they obviously know what they are talking about.

 Atrixo were kind enough to gift all the bloggers attending with a goody bag full of treats for out hands. Included were: The intensive, regenerating and enriched versions in the varying packaging (large tubs, travel size and squeezy tubes). I'm incredibly grateful to Atrixo for this treat and I must say I have been loving the hand creams so far. I keep the small pot in my hand bag, whilst I plan on applying the intensive one before bed (so that will live beside my bed!) 

The creams sink in and moisturise like a dream. I think perhaps the packaging is a little out dated for my tastes, but it reflects the brands 'vintage' roots and their long running achievements. I find myself applying this once, a few times a day, which is a revelation for someone with as dry hands as mine. I'm normally applying my Lush hand cream at least once every 3 hours to ensure I don't shrivel like a prune.

 I recieved a make over from The Vintage Patisserie girls who were dressed in vintage pinnies and silky dresses (SO CUTE). I love the final effect. Its so simplistic, yet it really looks like a lot of effort has gone into the makeup. I'm definitely going to be rocking a cat eye flick more often!

Included in our gift bags were an Atrixo shaped cake (yes, that is really made of cake!) which I thought was another sample at first- its so realistic! Alongside a pretty vintage style tea cup from the dotcomgiftshop. I will be adding this to my collection of tea cups (its like they read my mind!) and can't wait to sip some Chamomile tea out of it.

I'd like to send out a massive thank you to Atrixo for having me, and all the hard work they put into pulling off such a fabulous event. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Amy x
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