Sunday, 20 January 2013

Atomic Turquoise

 last week, I, upon impulse used Decolour's Stripper and Manic Panic N.Y.C's Hair Dye in Atomic Turquoise to dip dye my hair. Shall I rewind? It was an awesome day of shopping and having a good time with my friend Rosie, in Camden, when we came across Cyber Dog's Camden store. The loud music and LED lights drew us in and we were immediately pouring over the awesome UV makeup. After a few minutes of browsing and admiring the shop assistants incredible pink hair, I decided I needed to add more colour to my barnet. I picked up Atomic Turquoise and that was it, it was love.

This is what my semi permanent dip dye looks like after a week of washing. More green than it started off, but I still love it. I've got plans to use the permanent version of the dye seeings as the next three years are the last ones I have before I have to act a 'grown up' and get a *gulps* 'serious job!!* Eek! However, for now, I'm loving pretending I'm a mermaid and I've got quite a few compliments on the new 'do.

Yes, having a dip dye is a strain on my ends, but I'm using a lot of treatments on them and plan on getting regular trims to maintain the hairs strength. 

So, what do you think of my dip dye? Have you ever gone a crazy colour?

Amy x
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