Sunday, 30 December 2012

You can't beat a cuppa in a crisis

I've done a youtube video on the subject, and now its the blogs turn. No, I'm not explicitly talking about cuos of tea- I'm talking about what I got for Christmas this year. (It just so happens I got a lot of tea related paraphernalia  tea addicts anonymous here I come).

I got some truly amazing gifts this year, all so thoughtful and 'me.' From the big to the small I loved every item and I'm actually writing this post on my new Kindle Fire, a present from my parents. I'd like to thank anyone who got me a gift or sent me a card this year- I'm so grateful. I also hope everyone I bought a present for, enjoyed it as much as I have mine.

 I really wanted to do one of these posts for a few reasons. The first being that some of my readers don't watch my youtube channel and so tend to miss 'haul' type posts from me, secondly because I've enjoyed reading everyone elses 'what I got for Christmas' posts. But thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, because I just can't let go of Christmas, just yet. I know its New Years eve tomorrow (or today, depending on what time I finish editing this post!) but I just don't want to let go of the season to be jolly.

I'd also like to say sorry for the awful quality this video is (most of the objects are in focus, my face? Not so much). How hilarious/awkward/annoying that the one video I say 'hey guys I'm filming in HD' is also the one video I don't focus my camera properly? Dang it! Enjoy anyway and happy new year!

Amy x
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