Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Search For Belle's Dress #1

Flash back to 1991 when Disney came out with their version of the classic fairytale of a beauty who is captured by a beast. Eventually the pair fall in love and the beast is transformed into a human. The story is an endearing tale of selflessness and love beyond beauty. It captured my heart.

As a young girl, my dream was somewhat different to other young girls. All I wanted to do was 'dance with the beast' yes, in the yellow dress. My life became focused around the story and its characters. It even began my love affair with France! My Dad made a giant cardboard card with me dancing with the beast (he drew it, it was incredible!) which I still have to this day, whilst my Mum made me a Belle cake, in the yellow dress, of course.

I had figurines, dress up dresses, books and the VHS of the story but I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted the dress, the fairytale and the happily ever after.

Disney and illustrations made the dress a thing of wonder and beauty- but I have yet to see it translated in real life in such a majestic way. It always looks like a giant cake, a fancy dress outfit or just plain tacky.

So I'm on a search for the perfect, real life Belle dress. In these posts you'll see inspiration photo montages, colour swatches, illustrations (mine and others) and of course, dresses emulating the famous ball gown.
Whatever it takes, I will find the perfect 'Belle' dress.

Amy x
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