Thursday, 6 December 2012

Love Heart Cut Out Dress

I recently entered another blogging/youtubing Amy's giveaway on her blog to win this cut out, heart shaped dress you see below. However, Amy's blog is really popular and there were a lot of entries on the giveaway so I thought no more of it. Until I received a tweet from the gorgeous girl herself telling me I'd one the dress. So firstly, a massive thank you to Amy.

Fashion Culprit Dress
Above is the beautiful article which arrived a few days ago. I haven't yet worn it out yet as I'm tempted to save it for Christmas day, but it fits so well and the material is so so soft. Another great feature I love about the dress is its thickness, its a really durable, plush material which is definitely winter party appropriate. And come on, how cut is the heart cut out on the back?!

I can't wait to style up this bad boy.

Amy x
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