Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers for Teen Girls

Hello again! Today's blogmas post is another gift guide, however, this one was actually requested- its a stocking stuffers for teenage girls posts. I thought it might be useful for anyone googling teenage girls gift ideas (or any teen bloggers out there- wishlists at the ready ladies!) because having been both a teenager and a girl (yes, really) I know what an awkward period that can be.

After hearing just about every American beauty youtuber go on about how good and yummy smelling the Bath and Body Works hand sanitisers are, I'm so so glad we can finally get them in England. I chose to put the Vanilla Bean Noel scent in my image but I posted a generic link too all the scents as I had a hard time picking which to choose! They have so many festive ones and others that sound good enough to eat.

Amy x

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