Saturday, 1 December 2012

Gift Guide: Secret Santa and Stocking FIllers

Welcome to the second installment of my Gift Guide! Today we are talking smaller gifts: the stocking fillers and the secret santas (under £5). I hope you are enjoying these guides and that they are going to be helpful for you!

1. Scrabble Cushions: £4.50
2. The Cookie and Biscuit Bible Recipe Book: £6.99
3. Christmas Print Onesie: £30.00
4. Camera Straps: £16.00
5. Cat Highlighters: £3.00
6. Dodo Pad 2013 Diary: £10.95

Did you find anything of interest that you may like in these gift guides? I'm definitely hankering after the Imo camera straps- they have the most sublime designs.

Happy advent!

Amy x
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