Saturday, 17 November 2012

Who ya gonna call?

Alright my lovers?! I'm back home for the weekend (yay!) so here you have it, my stereotypical 'posing in front of my garden fence, with ivy and trees' outfit of the day. I'm really happy to be home- I was coming down with some sort of tonsil problem (I suffer a lot with my tonsils) so its great to be able to be looked after. Hot ribeana is practically on tap! I spent most of Friday night curled up with my Mum on the sofa watching Children In Need- a great cause and I was impressed by the acts and brought to tears by the stories. Below is today's outfit- I'm seeing Jimbo and some other homeland homies this evening and its going to be great! Tainted by tonsil pain or not...

Tee: Tescos
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: Primark
Converse: Office
Necklace: Gift 
Snood: New Look

I hope you are all having relaxing weekends, too. I'll speak to you guys really soon- I have exciting news I can't wait to release!

Amy x
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