Thursday, 22 November 2012

When you're around me, I'm radioactive

I was ill last week and its really messed up my body clock, I'm all over the place. To highlight this point: these photographs were taken at 7.30 am, minutes after the sun had fully risen (I watched it, and waited for it). Seeing as I was up so early, I decided to straighten my hair for the first time in yonks! I was somewhat saddened to find, when straight it wasn't as 'Rapunzel' as I'd hoped. But its getting there...? *Wills hair to grow.*

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
Rings: Accessorize, antique, Pandora
Watch: Radley
Nails: Topshop's Green Room

I love this skirt, but its one I have to be ever so careful to wear on days when I won't be consuming: fatty foots, large meals or alcohol as even the tiniest bit of bloating is magnified times a bazillion (thats a word now). It also gives me a mahoosive bootay.... so the question has to be: 'is my bum TOO big in this?' Please answer honestly in the comments below.

Amy x
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